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All in all, the difference between a person who is striving to play in the Champions League and a person who simply kicks the ball in their leisure time is obvious. Esports is different from the common gaming hobby like any other sport. Cybersport is a modern sport that can become a profession promising high income.

There are esports scholarships in the world. In the USA, the first scholarship was established back in 2014. Now about 64 educational institutions in North America support cyber sportsmen. This means that your kid can go to a college or university for free (or at a discount) thanks to esports advances.

The salaries of professional cyber athletes are about $1-5 thousand. And the salaries of the world’s leading players exceed $20 thousand. However, this is not the current prize payment. However, the size of the winnings is growing. Dota 2 World Championship prize pool has grown from $1.6 million in 2011 up to $24 million in 2017.


The second season of the QH Sports Dota Online Tournament will take place from August 30 to September 12. Eight from South East Asia will compete for a total prize pool of $15,000.

Tournament Participants

Ragdoll: vtFaded, Ahjit, Gy, Yif, 闷 油瓶;

PH Execration: Palos, Bob, Raging potato, BDz, RR;

Army Geniuses: dB-, Mamang Daya, woMy, Lym-, you_K;

Galaxy Racer: inYourdreaM, AlaCrity, Meracle, Poloson, Jhocam;

TH M Y: KNP, Seri, BeeBie, Tigger, LionaX;

Team God: Unknown-,Yasy, MadMaid, Zeal, Bombi;

PH OB Esports x Neon: Akashi, Qui, Enryu, Hustla, Jaunuel;

Team SMG: MidOne, MooN, kpii, ah fu, Roddgeee.

QH Sports Dota Series 2

Group Stage (August 30th – September 7th, 2023)

  • Single round-robin;
  • The remaining teams are eliminated;
  • The top four teams advance to the playoffs of the upper bracket;
  • 5th and 6th place teams advance to the playoffs of the lower bracket;
  • All matches are Bo2.

Playoffs (September 9th – September 12th, 2023)

  • Grand Final is Bo5, all other matches are Bo3;
  • Double-elimination bracket.

Prize Pool

  • $15,000

There is no uncertainty that Execration was the biggest benefit in the competition. Therefore, they were ranked as the number one in the BTS Pro Series S7 SEA, coming up to their reputation as an established team of players. When they leave, the field is open to other teams as well.

There is LBZS from China who appears frequently in the high-level Chinese professional scene alongside the Chinese giants. LBZS is estimated to play in the Upper Division Bracket after finishing second in the DPC Lower Division.

Apart from DPC participants, the Ragdoll team should also be wary. The team notices several Malaysian players, under the names Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao and Lai “AhJit” Jay Sun. They have been in the spotlight of the international community for good reasons. Thus, Ragdoll has the potential to win the QH Sports Dota Series 2 competition.

The before-mentioned teams are commonly known in their region. Although they do not stand out as much as we wanted, they are working to improve. One thing is for sure: they will be staples in the upcoming 2023 DPC season. This match will give the first glimpse of next season’s opponents. Since we will not have major tournaments or inter-regional tournaments in the near future, this will be a pleasant surprise for all fans of the Asian team.

Team Mystery is one of the new members of the group that hasn’t won much recognition yet. The Malaysian team has revealed its preference for rather old-fashioned checkers. Thus, the only record was one draw and one lost streak. As mysterious as Team Mystery is, LBZS will likely knock out its competitors as expected. This year, the Chinese participants performed phenomenally as they have the majority of its participants representing the region at International 10.

Team God snatched the Execration series. This was not their only victory, as they also overthrew Lilgun. Perhaps their next high-profile match will be against Army Geniuses. In the end, AG is among the best teams in Indonesia and a candidate for DPC 2023.

There are three singles matches coming up to earn some nice profits. These matches are the tip of the iceberg of QH Sports Dota Series 1. Group stage matches will run until August 15th. So, there is plenty of fun in Dota 2 betting.

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