The Lima Major 2023

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Dota 2 tournaments have been one of the anticipated eSports events for this year, and the Lima Dota 2 Major 2023 is the first significant international competition of the year and the first major ever in South America. The first lan tournament is organized by 4D Esports and sponsored by AORUS, Memory Kings, Claro, and VSG.

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the Lima Dota Major 2023

What is the Prize Pool of the Major?

Lima Major 2023 will have a prize pool of $500,000, and a total of 1900 Dota 2 Pro Circuit points to be distributed among participating eighteen teams. respective regional leagues

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07:05 UTC 14/06/2024 The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
Team Virtus.Pro logoVirtus.Pro VS Team 9Pandas logo9Pandas Dota 2 logo
08:00 UTC 14/06/2024 RES Regional Series: SEA 3
RES Regional Series: SEA 3
Team MANTA Esports logoMANTA Esports VS Team SalvationGaming logoSalvationGaming Dota 2 logo
08:55 UTC 14/06/2024 Ultras Dota Pro
Ultras Dota Pro
Team Ghost Sheep logoGhost Sheep VS Team Kiba Arms logoKiba Arms Dota 2 logo
09:00 UTC 14/06/2024 Mad Dogs League
Mad Dogs League
Team Immortal Squad logoImmortal Squad VS Team Peacekeepers Team logoPeacekeepers Team Dota 2 logo

Here’s a breakdown of the prize pool and the DPC points:

PlaceUSD DistributionDPC PointsParticipant
1st PlaceUSD 200,000400TBD
2nd PlaceUSD 100,000350TBD
3rd PlaceUSD 75,000300TBD
4th PlaceUSD 50,000250TBD
5th – 6th PlaceUSD 25,000200TBD
7th – 8th PlaceUSD 12,500100TBD
9th – 12th PlaceTBD
13th – 14th PlaceTBD
15th – 16th PlaceTBD
17th – 18th PlaceTBD

When Will the Major Take Place in Lima

The Lima Major 2023 and respective regional leagues date will be from February 22 to March 5 2023, which Dota 2 Lima Major 2023location will be at Arena 1 in San Miguel, despite many worries following the declaration of a state of emergency in Peru, according to the organizers. 4D eSports have also stated that they have backup plans for unforeseen circumstances.

Lima Major 2023 Format

Moreover, the dota 2 Lima Major 2023 will have 2 phases of the tournament. The Group Stage will occur from February 22 through February 26, and the Playoffs will occur from February 28 through March 5, respectively.

Group Stage – February 22 to 26, 2023

  • Two groups, each with nine qualifying teams;
  • A round-robin format;
  • All games will be played through Best of 2 matches;
  • The top four teams from each group advance to the playoffs’ upper bracket;
  • Each group’s fifth and sixth-place teams proceed to the lower round of the playoffs;
  • The remaining teams are eliminated.

Playoffs – February 28 to March 5, 2023,

  • There will be a double-elimination bracket;
  • All games will be played on Best of 3 matches;
  • Grand finals will be in the Best of 5.
lima major qualifiers

Which Teams Will Take Part in the Major?

The eighteen (18) participating teams from across the world went through Lima Major Dota 2 Qualifiers in their respective region. Four (4) from Western Europe Lima Qualifiers, three (3) from Eastern Europe Qualifiers, four (4) from China, three (3) from dota 2 Lima Major 2023 Sea, and two (2) each from South American region and North American region qualifiers.

Here are the eighteen (18) participating teams:

1Western EuropeTeam LiquidmiCKe, Nisha, zai, Boxi, Insania
2Western EuropeGaimin Gladiatorsdyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, tOfu, Seleri
3Western EuropeTundra Esportsskiter, Nine, 33, Saksa, Sneyking
4Western EuropeEntitywatson, Stormstormer, Tobi, Kataomi`, Fishman
5Eastern EuropeBetBoom TeamPure, gpk, Nightfall, Save-, TORONTOTOKYO
6Eastern EuropeTeam SpiritYatoro, Larl, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka
7Eastern EuropeHellRaisersDaxak, depressed kid, MieRo, Antares, Solo
8ChinaTeam AsterMonet, Xwy, Xxs, BoBoKa, Siamese.C
9ChinaKnightseGo, AlaCrity-, Flyby, Felixciaoba, XCJ
10ChinaPSG.LGDshiro, NothingToSay, xiang yu, planet, WhyyouSm1Le
11ChinaEHOMEmks-, Night, xiaoyu, Salad, Lww
12North AmericaTSMTimado, Bryle, kasane, Ari, Whitemon
13North AmericaShopify RebellionArteezy, Abed, SabeRLight-, Cr1t-. Fly
14South AmericaBeastcoastK1, DarkMago, Sacred, Gojira, Stinger
15South AmericaEvil GenuisesPakazs, Chris Luck, Wisper, Matthew, Pandaboo
16Southeast AsiaExecrationPalos, Bob, Tino, Shanks, BDz
17Southeast AsiaGeek Slateskem, Kokz, Force, NARMAN, Roddgeee
18Southeast AsiaTalon Esports23savage, Mikoto, Jabz, Q, Oli~

Which Teams Are the Favorites of the Dota 2 Tournament?

Dota 2 is one of the most unpredictable games in eSports, as the game requires all the teams to be knowledgeable, skillful, wise, and experienced in crucial moments in each match. And with the upcoming tournament, it is not surprising that there are favored teams that would likely win the tournament, and here are the top three favorite teams:

Tundra Esports

They are the defending champions of The International. Also, they are one of the most unpredictable qualified teams in terms of drafting and how they manage to put a lead in the early game and snowball ‘til the other enemy calls for GG.


They are the most well-rounded team with a lot of experience from different tournaments. They are known for their aggressive draft and playstyle, and they are, without a doubt, the number 1 team in China.


They are the underdogs of the tournament as they don’t have any past exposure to major tournaments last year. They are the champions of the BTS Pro Series Season 13: Southeast Asia. And they are one of the most respected teams in Southeast Asia as they are only a few teams with a whole Filipino squad.

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