DOTA 2 Predictions And Betting Tips

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DOTA 2 is an esports game with a rich history. It is a sequel to the famous esports game Warcraft III, which reigned supreme in the 2000s. Following Warcraft III’s success, Defense of the Ancients, DOTA, was born in 2003 but was not as popular. After Valve Corporation gained the game’s copyrights, it developed and launched DOTA 2 in 2013.

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20:40 UTC 24/07/2024 Mad Dogs League
Mad Dogs League
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Space Dota 2 League
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Since then, DOTA 2 has become one of the most popular esports games in the world. Each year, loads of tournaments hold, attracting hundreds of players and teams from all over the world, who compete for the massive cash prizes on offer.

DOTA 2 is not only rewarding for players. Punters also enjoy betting on these DOTA 2 games and tournaments as it gives them a chance to win cash or DOTA 2 skins if they are successful with their wagers.

For punters to be successful with their DOTA 2 bet predictions, they must understand the game, know the teams they are wagering on, and be conversant with the betting options. In this article, you will get more information about DOTA 2 betting and prediction strategies.

Dota 2 wallpaper

How To Predict In DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a game you plan for before it begins. However, it is a fun game that is beautiful to watch and rewarding to play and gamble on. To increase your chances of being successful with your predictions, you need to do the following:

Play The Game

The best way to get to grips with DOTA 2 is by playing it. You can play for free on Steam. If you are new to the game, you have no worries. One unique feature about DOTA 2 is that it has in-game tutorials and guides for players. This makes it easier to learn how to play. You can ask your friends who play the game to teach you the basics.

Watch The Best Teams And Players In Action

Playing DOTA 2 helps you to understand the game better. However, if you want to make better predictions, you have to watch DOTA 2 teams live in action. Doing this enables you to understand these teams’ strategies and how they set up for their games. Hence, you can make predictions whenever they play.

Start Small

When you begin to make DOTA 2 predictions, it is always advisable to start with the simple bets before moving on to the difficult options. Some bettors are in the habit of jumping straight into juicy bets with high odds without even studying the games, which leads them to lose their money easily.

Types Of DOTA 2 Bets

There are various DOTA 2 betting markets on which you can make predictions. These markets are similar to those found on other esports and sportsbook games. The key to having success with your predictions is to approach them gradually. The following are the basic type of bets found in DOTA 2 gambling sites.


Here you bet on who will win the matchup between two teams. You have to be knowledgeable about the competing teams before making these sorts of predictions.


Here, the team considered as the most likely to win a match is given a handicap. This means they have to win above a certain margin. You can also bet on the weaker team not to lose by more than a certain margin.


Here, you bet on the cumulative amount of kills, matches, assists, maps, rounds, and other statistics during gameplay. It is advisable for those new to betting and predictions to start with this betting type.

Outright Bets

Here, you bet on the winner of a tournament before its inception. By betting before the tournament begins, you get to retain high odds.

Other betting markets include Roshan kills, team to destroy tower 1, first blood, first kill, courier kills, etc., which are very difficult to predict.

DOTA 2 Betting Predictions Sites

If you find it hard to make predictions on DOTA 2, you can use dedicated websites that analyze and predict the results of DOTA 2 matches. These sites have a selection of matches that experts have researched and are confident about. They list these predictions on their platforms. You can then choose any of the predicted games that appeal most to you.

Some of the DOTA 2 prediction sites you can use include:


These sites are packed with loads of well-analyzed tips with high chances of success.

dota 2 gameplay

How To Bet On DOTA 2

For you to test your predictions, you must bet on them. To bet on DOTA 2, you have to register with a DOTA 2 betting website. To register on a particular website, you must be above the legal betting age in the country where you are betting from. If you meet that criteria, you have to visit the website and click on the signup button.

This will take you to a page where you input your details like user name, email, password, and verify you are 18. You also need to verify your email address by confirming a mail sent to you. Some websites may require you to submit some identification documents to verify your identity and ensure you are not a scammer. After all of these are completed, you can begin to bet after making your first deposit on the website.

Different websites offer different types of DOTA 2 betting. Some offer skin betting, where you bet using DOTA 2 skins, while some provide real money betting. Some websites also allow you to make deposits using cryptocurrencies.

It is important to register with legal platforms that offer you a welcome bonus, live betting, and various markets. The sites must also be safe and secure with excellent customer support.

Some of the best DOTA 2 betting sites include:

  • Betway Esports
  • GG.Bet
  • Arcane Bet

So, you have it. You now know what you need to do to be able to make DOTA 2 predictions. Ensure you are knowledgeable about the game and the teams you are betting on before predicting and betting. If you find it hard to do these, use prediction sites. Good luck with your predictions and wagers.

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