DOTA 2 Odds: All You Need To Know

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In esports gambling, DOTA 2 is one of the games players enjoy playing and betting on. Besides its intriguing gameplay, players love DOTA for the prize pools it offers players in several leagues, tournaments, and events. There are now many esports betting platforms offering DOTA 2 on their platforms.

These websites offer players many betting markets and options to bet on. These options have differing odds. Having a good idea of the options and how to arrive at the odds will help players better win their wagers. In this article, you will get to know about DOTA 2, its betting markets, and the betting odds.

A Brief Look At The DOTA 2 Gameplay

Dota 2 gameplay Roulette

DOTA 2 means Defense of the Ancients 2 and is an online multiplayer battle arena game played by two teams of five players. Both teams occupy opposite ends of the map when the game starts. Each player has control of a game hero character. These characters can perform a variety of roles during gameplay. Hence it is important to choose a character that balances your team because an unbalanced team makes it easier to lose.

Both teams are tasked with defending their home base called “Ancient” while trying to destroy the opposing team’s home base. The first team to kill off all the opposing team’s players and destroy their Ancient wins the game.

Types Of Betting Odds On DOTA 2

Many of the DOTA 2 betting sites offer different betting options. These options are available during DOTA 2 tournaments and matches, and esports bookmakers offer gamblers different odds to wager on. Here are the different types of betting odds available for players to bet on:

Pre-match Odds

These are DOTA 2 bet prediction odds that become available before any match or tournament begins. Bookmakers generate these odds based on the competing teams’ history, form, past performances, players, etc. Based on all those considerations, they come up with a number representing each team’s odds to win. If you believe a team is a favorite to win a particular match, it is best to bet on the pre-match odds. If you wait till the match day and most punters wager on the same team, the odds will go down.

Closing Odds

These are the odds just before the game starts. If you believe the weaker team is likely to win the game, it is best to wait till this moment to bet on them because most other punters would have wagered on the stronger team, increasing the odds on the weaker team to win.

Live Betting Odds

These odds become active when the game starts and remain active till it ends. The odds continually change based on the occurrences during gameplay. Many punters love live odds, and it has become popular in the esports gambling world.

DOTA 2 Betting Markets

Before wagering on your favorite teams and comparing odds, you must understand the betting market and the type of odds available to bet on. The betting options available on DOTA 2 are similar to those found on sportsbook sites and include:

Moneyline/Winner Bet

In this bet type, you have to pick the winner of the game.

Handicap Bet

In this type of bet, the bookmakers make it more attractive to wager on the stronger team if they consider the other team strongly disadvantaged. Hence, they place a handicap on the stronger team. For example, in a game of best 5, the bookmaker may give the weak team a +1, meaning it already leads by one before the start of gameplay. If you bet on that option and the game ends 3-0 in favor of the stronger team, it means the bet score is 3-1, and you win your wager. However, if the game ends 3-2 in favor of the strong team, the bet score is 3-3, and you lose your wager.

Totals/Under/Over Bets

To make these types of wagers, you must know the teams competing and their players. The bet types do not focus on the game results but several variables like kills, predicting if they will be over or under a particular number.

First Kill

With these DOTA 2 bets, you wager on the team to make the first kill in a game.

Odd/Even Bet

Here, you bet on the outcome of game variables summing up to an even or odd number. For example, you can wager on the total kills being odd or even.

dota 2

DOTA 2 Odds Comparison Sites

Before making your wagers, it is best to compare the best DOTA 2 betting sites’ odds. You then settle on the sites with the best odds. Based on user experience and the fact that they meet the standard for good betting platforms, the following sportsbooks are recommended for having the best odds for DOTA 2:

  • Betway Esports
  • GG.Bet
  • UniBet.

Before betting on DOTA 2, ensure you understand the market, the teams, and line spread and go for a website with the best odds in the market. Good luck with your wagers.

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