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Esports gambling has continually evolved in the world of online gambling. This rapid evolution led to the creation of multiple esports games, which are now available on betting sites for players to gamble on.

DOTA 2 is a popular esports game gamblers love to play online. It is a favorite for many bettors and offers a chance to win money online. In this article, you will discover more about DOTA 2 and the best online gambling platforms to play.

Dota 2 Betting On Real Money

What Is DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 is an esports game Valve Corporation created. It is a multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game mode and has become one of the world’s most popular esports games in the world. It is a standalone sequel to DOTA and a modified version of a popular esports game called Warcraft III. If you are wondering, DOTA 2 means “Defense of the Ancients 2.”

Two teams of 5 players each play DOTA 2. When it starts, the opposing teams camp on opposite sides of the map. The teams have a base called ‘Ancients,” which they must protect at all costs while trying to destroy that of the opponent.

Each player on a team has control of a hero character with special abilities. These heroes help you to attain your objective while you play. You can choose a character from the varied characters available. However, ensure you select one with abilities that will balance your team. If your team is not balanced, you lose quickly.

Every hero character plays a different role during gameplay. Altogether, there are nine roles available. These include Initiators, Nukers, Escapers, Supports, Junglers, Durables, Carriers, Disablers, and Pushers.

Once DOTA 2 starts, the heroes fight through in-game obstacles and characters and opposing heroes to find their way to the opponent’s base. While doing these, they become stronger and attain higher levels of experience, gaining points and valuable items along the way. The game ends when a team’s “Ancient” is destroyed.

How Do I Partake In DOTA 2 Betting?

If you want to partake in betting on DOTA 2, you must sign up with an esports gambling website that offers wagering on DOTA 2 as one of its services. However, to be able to bet, you must be 18 years and above in age. In DOTA 2 gambling, there are several betting modes, including skin gambling and real money betting, which is the focus of this article. In skin betting, you gamble on possible using DOTA 2 skins or other valuable virtual items.

DOTA 2 Real Money Betting

In this gambling mode, you gamble on the game using real money. You can wager on several game outcomes such as a tournament or game-winner, most kills, Map winner, First Kill, Total Kills, odd or even maps, map duration, handicap bets, live bets, etc. Many websites offer real money betting on DOTA 2. However, the following websites prove to be among the very best:

Betway Esports

Betway eSports

It is an excellent betting website where bettors have a wide variety of gaming options to choose from. Aside from the long list of gaming options, players also get mouthwatering bonuses and rewards. New users also get a deposit and welcome bonuses to ease their first betting experience on the site. Betway Esports covers some of the most important DOTA 2 tournaments and provides users with various means of winning money. Users also enjoy the best customer service experience while betting on the website.


Thunderpick dota2

It is one of the top-rated esports betting websites. It offers a wide selection of esports games and gives users new and old bonuses and rewards. It gives DOTA 2 lovers, various betting options, and good chances to win money. Thunderpick also ticks all the boxes of a good betting site.

GG.Bet dota 2

It is a good DOTA 2 betting site for real money because of its extensive coverage of DOTA 2 tournaments and events. It also has some of the highest odds and betting options available for the game. GG.Bet also has excellent customer support, a sleek website, and many more features that make it highly rated.

How Do I Choose A Good Real Money DOTA 2 Betting Site?

Before you sign up with a betting site that offers DOTA 2 real money betting, ensure it ticks the following boxes:

  • It must be trusted and reputable.
  • It must give users bonuses and rewards.
  • It must have several deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Players must find the website easy to navigate.
  • There must be a wide selection of esports games available on the site.
  • It must be safe and secure for betting.
  • Customer support must be excellent.


You have come to the end of this review. You now have an in-depth knowledge of DOTA 2. You also know how and where to play the game. Remember always to use the listed criteria in choosing a DOTA 2 betting site for real money betting.

DOTA 2 is a fun and intriguing game that can become addictive. When gambling, ensure you only bet with money you can afford to lose. Know when to stop gambling to avoid losing all your funds. Good luck playing DOTA 2.

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