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The metamorphosis of DOTA 2 gambling in game betting websites have been remarkable. A few years ago, it was nigh impossible to bet on DOTA 2 on esports websites. However, many sites now offer it on their platforms. On these sites, players can do skin gambling or real money gambling.

Though many esports gambling websites offer DOTA 2, not all of them meet the standard of good betting platforms. The high number of sites available to gamble on the game also means that it could be challenging to find the right one. However, after reading through this article, you will have no problem doing this. Before getting to discover the best platforms for DOTA 2 items betting, here is an overview of DOTA 2.

What Is DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 is the acronym for Defense of the Ancients 2, a MOBA game launched in 2013. It is a sequel to another trending esports game, Warcraft III. DOTA 2 is available on esports gambling sites, where players can bet using DOTA 2 skins, real money, or coins, depending on the platform they use.

It is intriguing, fun, and addictive. You will never go bored playing DOTA 2. It is free to play on betting sites. It involves two competing teams, each with five players. Each team player controls one hero character from about 100 playable characters available. These characters have special features and unique skills. These characters are classified based on the roles they play in the match. These roles are:

  • Carriers
  • Supports
  • Initiators
  • Nukers
  • Escapers
  • Disablers
  • Junglers
  • Pushers
  • Durables

Each team player must choose characters with skill sets and roles that will balance the team, depending on the strategy employed. If a team lacks balance, they will find it hard to compete against the opposing team and lose.

The game starts with both teams on opposite sides of the map. Each team’s goal is to get to their opponent’s base, known as “Ancient,” and destroy it. The first team to do this wins. However, to do so, they must battle against each other and also fight some in-game characters.

As the game progresses, the experience of each character increases. With each increase in level, the character becomes stronger, gaining new abilities. The characters can die during gameplay but will respawn within a short period.

DOTA 2 is popular among players. It is easy to learn, with loads of in-game tutorials and guides for beginners. Ensure that you get used to the game and have experience before betting real money or DOTA 2 items.

How To Play DOTA 2

DOTA 2 Gambling

To be eligible to play, you must be above 18. You need to register with a DOTA 2 gambling website or Esport gambling site that offers the game. You must also have a Steam account, enabling you to play the game using your DOTA 2 skins. With your Steam account, you can also trade your skins for new skins in the Steam Community Market. With these skins, you can play on DOTA 2 Skin gambling sites.

When playing the game, you can partake in several tournaments held on a regular or semi-regular basis. These include The International and the DOTA Major championships, which are the biggest tournaments in the game. Others are The Epicenter, The Summit, Rainbow Cup, Dream League, DOTA 2 Asia Championships, etc.

Betting options in the game include the team to draw first blood, match duration, the player with the most kills, team to destroy the first tower/barracks, match winner, etc.

How To Choose Good DOTA 2 Gambling Sites

With the high number of betting websites offering DOTA 2 online, it can be challenging for you to find a good platform to play. However, there are criteria that good gambling sites must have. If a website ticks these boxes, then it is an excellent place to bet.

  • It must be Trusted and Reputable: The hallmark of a good betting platform is its reputation. If it is good, it will have great reviews and good ratings. Before registering with any platform, ensure that you research it and know if they are a good place to bet. The website must also hold a registration license, which makes it legal to operate.
  • It must have Bonuses and Promotions: Gambling sites offer their new and existing users bonuses and promotions to attract and keep them as the case may be. These bonuses can be in the form of real money, DOTA 2 skins, or bet coins. With these freebies, you can bet on your favorite games without any risks of losing your money or valuable skins. You also get the chance to win more.
  • It must have a Variety of Banking Options: A good gambling website must have a good amount of payment and withdrawal options for players to make transactions. Players should be able to pay using virtual items or skins, or real money via several banking options.
  • It must have other Betting Options: A good gambling platform must have other games for players to wager on aside from DOTA 2. Some other popular Esports and Casino games include League of Legends, Hearthstone, CSGO, coin flip, roulette, jackpot, cards, etc. The availability of these game options leaves the players spoilt for choice, giving them more opportunities to win.
  • It must be Easy to Use: A good betting website must be easy to use and navigate. The design of the site must be sleek and simple. There is no use being a gambling platform, and players find it hard to use the website.
  • It must be Safe and Secure: A good platform must run on a secure SSL encryption that protects the players’ data or banking information from scammers. The site must also have a provably fair system to verify each gameplay. This gives the website higher credibility among payers, increasing its trustworthiness.
  • It must have Excellent Customer Support: The customer support team of a good gambling site must be professional and always available to attend to users’ queries. Aside from having customer support that is always available, there should be several means by which users can reach them. Some of these methods include email, live chat, telephone, and social media. Good gambling sites must also have a FAQ section on their homepages so that their customers will have answers to possible questions they may have.

Best DOTA 2 Gambling Sites

The following sites are the best options to play DOTA 2.

Betway Esports

Betway Esports

It is a popular site known for its high number of gaming options. It is a trusted and secure website with great user reviews. Although it does not cover many DOTA 2 tournaments and events, it covers the most important ones. Players receive loads of bonuses and offer while betting on this platform. The customer support is always available on a 24hour basis to respond to users’ questions or complaints.

GG.Bet dota 2

This is one of the most popular gambling platforms where you can stake on DOTA 2. It is packed full with a high number of DOTA 2 tournaments and events. Players also get the opportunity to wager on special bets on all matches for the game. The customer support is excellent and is also available via live chat. GG.Bet is safe and secure. New users are ushered into the platform with a welcome bonus, while there are also many promotions to earn rewards daily.


Thunderpick main page

It is one of the best online platforms for Esports betting. Many esports games are available on the website. New users enjoy a deposit bonus when they make their first deposit. There are loads of esports and casino game options on offer. The payment and withdrawal options are numerous and also fast. The site is safe and runs on a secure SSL encryption. The customer support is always on hand to solve issues. One thing Thunderpick has going for it is the great user interface and sleek website design. It remains one of the best gambling sites globally, with a large community of active users. dota 2

It is a gambling site that is similar to It offers players a high number of DOTA 2 tournaments to play in. The welcome bonus present for new users is one of the best and stands out among the rest. The odds on this platform are among the highest and the best in the industry. You can also bet on special options, though these options are not present only for lower-level tournaments. You can also bet on live games in progress, a unique feature the site boasts of. The customer support is always available and can be reached in several ways, including live chat.


CSGOEmpire main page

It is an online gambling platform that is arguably the biggest skin gambling site. Aside from DOTA 2 matches, players are also spoilt for choice with other gaming options across casinos and esports sections. There are loads of payment and withdrawal options for players to choose from. There is also an active community of users who can interact via a public chat room. You can exchange your virtual items or skins for CSGO Empire coins that you use to wager on the games available. You can also withdraw in skins or bitcoin. The customer support can be slow sometimes but always attend to users.

Other notable websites for DOTA 2 and esports gambling include Arcane Bet, Unibet, Rivalry, EGB, and CSGO Fast.


DOTA 2 is an intriguing and entertaining game that captures every player’s attention. Many gambling websites offer the game, but only a few of them meet the standards required. In this review, you have learned how to choose the best sites to play the game. Now, you no longer have to worry about registering with a bad platform.

All you need to do is follow the steps given in this review. You can also sign up with one of the sites recommended. Remember always to bet wisely. While DOTA 2 can be addictive, ensure that you do not get carried away while playing it. Gamble only money or skins that you can afford to lose.

Get acquainted with DOTA 2 before and build your experience before staking with your real money or skins. Learn the different strategies and understand them before making your wagers. Good luck playing on your favored platform.

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