The International 2023: Overview

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The International or TI is an annual major Dota 2 championship organized by Valve Company since 2011. Since establishing the Dota Major Championships in 2015, Valve has hosted many events with TI on their schedule, which has continued to be the most prestigious and significant competition on the Esports calendar. The International Dota 2 Championship 2023, or International 11 or TI11, is currently in its eleventh year.

The International 2023 Singapore

And Dota 2 fans from around the world, especially those residing in Southeast Asia, are already hyped as the DPC championship event, the International 2023, will make a second trip to Asia. In terms of the format for this year, a point system based on officially sponsored Regional Leagues and Majors will be used to choose the teams invited to the event, following a structure similar to the last International.

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07:05 UTC 14/06/2024 The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
The International 2024: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier
Team Virtus.Pro logoVirtus.Pro VS Team 9Pandas logo9Pandas Dota 2 logo
08:00 UTC 14/06/2024 RES Regional Series: SEA 3
RES Regional Series: SEA 3
Team MANTA Esports logoMANTA Esports VS Team SalvationGaming logoSalvationGaming Dota 2 logo

The number of teams in the group stage for this year’s International will increase from 18 to 20 because of the announcement coming from Valve that the 2nd and 3rd place teams from each region’s qualifiers will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier before The International to determine two additional qualification spots. And here are the things you need to know more about Dota 2 – The International 2023.

dota 2 The International 2023

Things You Need to Know More About the Dota 2 The International 2023

Venue and Date of The International 2023

The Dota 2 last major event, The International 11, will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore from October 15 through October 30, 2023. The venue is renowned for its convenient location, which is close to more than 1,000 stores, 300 restaurants, 6 museums, and the world-class Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay performing arts center.

And the most recent in telecommunications technology is available from Suntec Singapore. Anyone at the International 11 can personalize their chosen area using its online customer portal from any location. The entire event space offers free high-speed Wi-Fi for up to 6,000 devices.

Venue and Date The International 2023

Tournament Format for The International 2023


  • Twelve teams qualified through the Dota Pro Circuit points
  • Six teams, one from each North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, qualified in regional qualifying rounds.
  • The Last Chance Qualifier allowed two teams from each region to advance.

Group Stage – October 15 to 18, 2023

  • Playoffs will be played at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center
  • in Two groups of ten teams, each made up of twenty teams
  • The group stage will be played through a single round-robin format
  • The top four from each group will advance to the Main Event’s Upper Bracket.
  • Those that will place 5th to 8th will move on to the Lower Bracket of the Main Event.
  • Each group’s remaining teams will be eliminated.

Main Event – October 20 to 23, October 29 – 30, 2023

  • There will be sixteen (16) teams battling it out through the double-elimination bracket.
  • There will be eight from each bracket, eight (8) in the upper and another eight (8) in the lower bracket.
  • The Finals Event will be played at Singapore Indoor Stadium.
  • The grand finals round will be played through a best-of-5 series.

Prize Pool

dota 2 The International 2023 prize pool

The tournament’s starting prize pool is $1,600,000, and an additional 25% of all Battle Pass sales will be added to the overall prize pool. As of writing, there are currently $12,250,071 USD in the prize pool ($10,650,071 USD added).


There are twelve (12) who got a direct invite to The International 11.  The other six teams (6) teams got qualified through regional qualifiers. The remaining two (2) who will fill the spot for the final 20 teams are still TBD since they must go through the Dota 2 – The International 11 – Last Chance Qualifiers.

No.TeamRoster for The International 11Seed
1.PSG.LGDAme, NothingToSay, Faith_bian, XinQ, y`, xiao8Direct Invite
2.OGYuragi, bzm, ATF, Taiga, Misha, ChuvashDirect Invite
3.Team SpiritYatoro, TORONTOTOKYO, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka, SilentDirect Invite
4.beastcoastK1, Chris Luck, Wisper, Gojira, Stinger, ValquiDirect Invite
5.Team AsterMonet, Ori, Xxs, BoBoKa, 皮球, LANMDirect Invite
6.Thunder AwakenPakazs, DarkMago, Sacred, Matthew, Pandaboo, VintageDirect Invite
7.BOOM EsportsJaCkky, Yopaj, Fbz, TIMS, skem, MushiDirect Invite
8.TSMTimado, Bryle, SaBerLight-, MoonMeander, DuBu, MISERYDirect Invite
9.Tundra Esportsskiter, Nine, 33, Saksa, Sneyking, Aui_2000Direct Invite
10.Gaimin GladiatorsdyrachYO, BOOM, Ace, tOfu, Seleri, ImmortalFaithDirect Invite
11.Evil GeniusesArteezy, Abed, Nightfall, Cr1t-, Fly, BulbaDirect Invite
12.FnaticRaven, Armel, Jabz, Dj, Jaunuel, SunBhieDirect Invite
13.SoniqsYawaR, Quinn, LESLAO, MSS, FataNorth America Regional Qualifiers
14.HokoriLumiere, 4nalog, Vitaly, Thiolicor, GardickSouth America Regional Qualifiers
15.EntityPure, Stormstormer, Tobi, Kataomi`, Fishman, MeTTpuMWestern Europe


Regional Qualifiers

16.BetBoom TeamDaxak, Larl, Noticed, RodjER, SoNNeikO, MagEastern Europe


Regional Qualifiers

17.Royal Never Give UpGhost, Somnus, Chalice, Kaka, xNova, SuperChina Regional Qualifiers
18.Talon Esports23savage, Mikoto, Kpii, Q, Hyde, ALWAYSWANNAFLY,Southeast Asia


Regional Qualifiers

19.TBDTBDLast Chance Qualifeirs
20.TBDTBDLast Chance Qualifeirs

Moreover, there will be twelve (12) teams from six (6) regions who will battle it out for the Last Chance Qualifiers of The International 2023 which will be held in Singapore in October. The team and roster are as follows:

No.TeamRoster for The International 11Region
1.nounsCostabile, Gunnar, Moo, ZFreek, Husky, MangusuNorth America
2.Wildcard GamingYves, Alone, Davai Larna, Alexxo, Sammmyboy,North America
3.InfamousParker, Leostyle-, Frank, Michael, Accel, FalcoStyleSouth America
4.TempestMnz, Sebas, DrakenN, slad1n-, MjzSouth America
5.Team SecretCrystallis, Nisha, Resolut1ion, Zayac, Puppey, HeenWestern Europe
6.Team LiquidMATUMBAMAN, miCKe, zia, Boxi, iNSaNiA, BlitzWestern Europe
7.Virtus.proRAMZES666. gpk, DM, yamich, XakodaEastern Europe
8.Natus VincereV-Tune, No[o]ne, laise, swedenstrong, SoloEastern Europe
9.Xtreme Gaminglou, Paparazi, old eLeVeN, pyw, Dy, bLinkChina
10.Vici GamingErika, Xm, bab, Frisk, Yang, FenrirChina
11.Polaris EsportsNatsumi-, Lelouch-, Force, Xavius, eyyouSoutheast Asia
12.T1ana, topson, Kuku, Xepher, Whitemon, MarchSoutheast Asia

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