Dota 2 Quick Cast: An Overview

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Dota 2 has been known for its high requirement of top-tier skills and talents to play competitively in every match. The game is designed through five versus five players, divided into radiant and dire. Each team is competing and destroying each other’s bases going to the throne.

Unlike other MOBA games or video games in general, Dota 2 is the only game that has a self-cast or quick cast option. These options allow players to save or buy time during critical situations in-game. Also, these help them improve in decision making and being constantly aware of what’s happening in every minute of the match.

Quick Cast vs Normal Cast in Dota 2

Self-cast or quick-cast options are features that allow a player to activate an item or abilities instantly without waiting for about five seconds. In this feature, a player would cast a spell or use the ability by simply pointing the cursor at the opponent, ally, or area. And wherever the mouse cursor is on the screen, it will be released immediately. If done correctly, it saves a lot of time, allowing the player to flee and hunt faster.

Unlike normal or regular casting, picking an enemy, ally, or area, a player must first activate a spell or ability, then selecting again an enemy, ally, or area. It is, without a doubt, an effective method, although it is not particularly quick. It provides you with more control, which is significant for beginner players, but it’s a lot slower.

Dota 2 Quick Cast Guide

Benefits of Quick Cast in Dota 2

Quick cast in Dota 2 not only helps the player to instantly cast an ability or skill to an ally, enemy, or area but also helps improve his decision-making. And reaction time in crucial situations in the game. Here are some five circumstances where a quick cast in Dota 2 is beneficial:

Add Spice to Any Hero

Quick cast is a great adventure in any hero as some heroes’ skills are single target or area target, which means once the cursor moves in the direction where the players want it to be, it directly activates. Examples are:

  • Legion Commander’s special skill Duel, where once he blinks out to an enemy and the player has an auto-cast for the duel, then it directly activates.
  • Lion’s ultimate skill is Finger of Death, where if it targets a lower hp enemy hero, it will directly burst it down and kill.
  • Mirana’s Back-Arrow, when Mirana leaped to the desired area, and the player pressed the arrow pointing the cursor at the back of the hero’s shadow, it would directly activate and create game highlights.
  • Pudge’s Hook, the skill is an area target, which means if the skill is in an auto-cast, this allows the player to hook someone even in an unguarded area.
  • Void’s Chronosphere, where it is an area target skill, and once it is in an auto-cast, the player can directly catch those who are inside the Chrono and would instantly immobilize them for a few seconds.

Dota 2 Quick Cast hotkeys

Creates Historic Games

Quick cast on Dota 2 has been one of the best features the game has as it does not only make games challenging and competitive but also creates historic games throughout MOBA games. One of the examples is the game against OG and TnC way back The International 6, where the TNC was considered the underdog and OG was the crowd’s favorite.

And the highlight here is the supports of TNC, where they are on the quick cast, which enables them to save their carry from every fight and helps them win against the best team in Europe.

Kill and Back

One of the beneficial uses of the quick cast on Dota 2 is allowing a killing-machine hero to directly burst an enemy and go back to its base and kill again another enemy once their hp and mana are full. Two heroes that are mostly used by both average and pro players are Tinker and Arc Warden, which both can instantly burst an enemy because once they have tp-ed in the area, they can use their skills directly that are in range with Dota 2 cast point and quickly go back to the fountain to refill again.


Teleportation is a feature that can be utilized to escape and even gank. A player only has a few seconds in both cases. If the player is being ganked, use teleport and move the cursor on the map to the appropriate location: it’ll spare the player’s hero at least a second. And if the player is ganking, he can directly respond and follow his teammates to the desired gank spot for a sure kill.

Spamming Skills

Quick Cast is also a utility for spamming skills. Many support heroes in Dota 2 feature spells with a short cooldown. Spamming skills are effective ways to harass the enemy hero and take control of the lane. Regular spam becomes quick spam as a result of the quick cast, increasing the likelihood that the enemy will be unable to farm and lose the lane.

How to Turn Quick Cast On Dota 2

Turning quick cast on Dota 2 is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your Dota 2 application and once it is smoothly loaded, go to the settings in the upper left corner;
  2. Right-click on the Hotkeys bar, and at the center bottom, click the ‘Advanced Hotkeys’ and a new page will appear on the screen;
  3. At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see Hotkey Options, check the ‘Enable Advanced Quickcast/Autocast Hotkeys’;
  4. Once you have checked the box, your quick cast is activated with your normal hotkeys;
  5. And if you want to personalize your quick cast or regular hotkeys, you can go back to the previous page, and you will see the cast, auto-cast, and quick cast for your items and abilities.

Dota 2 Quick Cast advanced hotkeys

Tips in Improving Dota 2 Quick Cast

Once a player enables his quick cast, especially on its inventory’s items or heroes, it’s already given that he can’t master it overnight in every game and situation. Here are some tips in improving a player’s quick cast in Dota 2:

  • Begin by playing Dota 2 Bot mode or hero demo mode.
  • Play the demo hero mode to enhance your casting skills. Because in demo mode, you can use an unlimited number of spells, create an unlimited number of opponents, and there is no cooldown or mana cost. When compared to practicing in real matches, this will save you a lot of time.
  • Summon ten of the same opponents and one different enemy to practice Quick Cast skills in a congested setting. Now, use items like Dagon, EUL’s, Synth, and Force Staff to cast spells on the one unique adversary!
  • Repeat the preceding step until you have mastered it.
  • Go for the Bot match to practice ganks and escapes. Throughout the game, use Quick Cast. It will be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect.
  • It will only take 5-10 days for you to get used to the Quick Cast feature.
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  • December 27, 2021 / Updated: 24 Dec 2021

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