Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 10 – Tournament General Info

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Imagine that we are living in the dawn of sport: people do not understand the rules that are constantly changing. They consider playing with the ball a waste of time, and opponents scream about rugby as the only correct sport. However, there are too many fans, and this is forcing the state to intervene and make football, for example, a legal sport.

Consequently, football in 50 years has gone from an incomprehensible phenomenon to international matches with professional players. This is similar to esports today. A similar scenario took less than 20 years and in the face of fierce competition for every second of a potential or existing consumer’s time. The world’s largest brands and government agencies are increasingly attacking the esports industry.

Esports has become an official sport around the world. Now states are engaged in the development of various disciplines. Esports have dozens and hundreds of customization options. While nothing has changed in classical sports for a long time, new disciplines and completely new formats appear in e-sports. Existing games are constantly being transformed thanks to patches.


From November 14 to December 8, the second season of the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming online tournament will take place. Ten teams from Peru will compete for a total prize pool of $ 10,000.


  • Eight teams are divided into two equal groups. Two teams are invited directly to the playoffs;
  • Round-robin group stage format with best-of-1 match format (up to one win);
  • The first places of the groups will move to the upper bracket of the playoff stage, 2-3 – to the lower one, 4 places will leave the tournament;
  • Double-elimination play-off stage. The grand final will be held in the best-of-5 format (up to three wins). Other matches are up to best-of-3 (up to two wins).

Tournament Participants

  • EgoBoys: NaoG, Alone, Valqui, d1smar, Panda
  • Vicious Gaming: Timo, Darkmago, Benjaz, Feeling, Cara;
  • Gorillaz-Pride: Kukahuk, 17ANITOZ, Dracil, Feed, Yadomi;
  • Incubus Gaming: GyO, Pokorn, SmAsH, Zander, Aretes;
  • Akatsuki: Madara, Tano, Oscar, Pamplona, ​​Flatbread;
  • Zona Zero: Regemind, Migi, Rabish, Zxca, SexyeYogye;
  • Sector X: Estroyer, vanN, Sword, Crawler, Ztok;
  • Infamous: Timado, Robo-Z, Sacred, sl4d1n, Papita;
  • Unknown Team: Berna, Atun, Greedy, Vij, Prada; Matthew, Wu;
  • Unknown Team: Berna, Atun, Greedy, Vij, Prada.

Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 10

Groups Stage

  • Two groups of four teams in a GSL format, all matches are Bo3.
  • The top four teams advance to the playoffs;
  • The bottom four teams are relegated.


  • Grand Final is Bo5;
  • All matches except Grand Final are Bo3;
  • Double-elimination bracket.

Prize Pool

  • $10,000

Eight teams have been approved to take part in Movistar Liga Pro Gaming of Dota 2 Season 6, which is giving away prizes of $25,000. Bolivia-based Omega Gaming will be the last team to be invited to the top division, while Beastcoast will debut in the MLPG final series ending this year. This is a great delight for fans who want to see the most famous Peruvian Dota 2 team in action in international tournaments competing in the local arena.

Movistar Liga Pro Gaming is becoming increasingly competitive for teams from Brazil and other countries in the region (with a TV appearance and will receive support from Valve). For these reasons, we see that now is a great time for Beastcoast to be part of this growth.

Omega Gaming, a roster of Mingatte, Oscar, Tano, DarkMago, and Panda (the last two Peruvian players), has established itself as one of the most competitive teams in the South African region. They have managed to finish fifth in MLPG Season 5. It attracts Bolivian fans who are as fanatical about Dota 2 as the Peruvians. They will once again have the opportunity to show their power against the best teams in the South African region and become one of the candidates for the regional Dota Pro Circuit leagues this year.

The top six Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6 teams, Beastcoast as a direct guest, and the lower division winner will round out 8 teams that will compete in the MLPG Final Series from November 26th for a prize of $20,000.

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