ESL One Stockholm 2023: Overview

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Dota 2 has again made all fans around the world hype on its first face-to-face major after two years of limited options on hosting an event. The game has been one of the consistent video games for more than a decade bringing excitement and entertainment not only to the players but also to game enthusiasts, talents and broadcasts, etc.

The doors of Hovet Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, will open from May 20 to 22 to welcome fans from all over the world who have been waiting for the world’s first Dota 2 Major since early 2020. A Major is an elimination-style tournament in which top-performing Regional League teams play against one another for additional DPC Points and cash prizes. A Major is competed by the top 18 teams from each Region’s Division I tournament. Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of two seats in each Region.

As the game progressed because of the patches made, the prediction of the fans and Dota 2 panels on who will win the event is still unclear. Also, with recent roster changes from almost all teams in different regions, it will be another history to witness which team has come prepared to win against other participating teams.

ESL One Stockholm 2023

More About ESL One Stockholm 2023

ESL One Dota Major in partnership with Dota 2 Pro Circuit and sponsored by Intel, DHL, and Monster Energy, brings you Stockholm 2023 at Hovet Arena Stockholm on May 20-22, 2023, and here are the things that you need to know more about the tournament:

Game Format

Group Stage: May 12 to 17 of 2023

  • Each group has nine teams.
  • Round-robin format
  • All games are in best-of-2
  • The top four teams from each group advance to the playoffs’ upper bracket
  • Each group’s 5th and 6th place teams proceed to the playoffs’ lower bracket
  • Teams that are left are eliminated

Playoffs: May 18 to 22, 2023

  • Bracket with two rounds of elimination
  • Except for the Grand Final, all matches are best-of-three
  • The grand final is a best-of-five match

Participating Teams

Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of two slots in each Region. Some Regions, however, are given extra slots, specifically four (4) for Western Europe, three (3) for Eastern Europe, four (4) for China, three (3) for Southeast Asia, two (2) for North America, and another two (2) for South America. Here are the full list of participating teams and their roster:

No. Team Roster
1. OG Yuragi, bzm, ATF, Taiga, Misha, Chuvash
2. Gaimin Gladiators dyrachYO, BOOM, Ace, tOfu, Seleri, ImmortalFaith
3. Team Liquid MATUMBAMAN, miCKe, zai, Boxi, iNSaNiA, Blitz
4. Tundra Esports Skiter, Nine, 33, Saksa, Sneyking, Aui_2000
5. TBD
6. TBD
7. TBD
8. PSG.LGD Ame, NothingToSay, Faith_bian, XinQ, y`, xiao8
9. Xtreme Gaming lou, Paparazi, old eLeVen, Pyw, Dy, bLink
10. Team Aster Monet, Ori, Xxs, BoBoKa, 皮球, LaNm
11. Royal Never Give Up 圣子华炼, Somnus`M, Chalice, FelixCiaoBa, xNova, Super
12. Fnatic Raven, Armel, Jabz, Dj, Jaunuel, SunBhie
13. BOOM Esports JaCkky, Yopaj, Fbz, TIMS, Skem, Mushi
14. T1 Gabbi, Karl, Kuku, Xepher, Whitemon, March
15. Evil Geniuses Arteezy, Abed, Nightfall, Cr1t-, JerAx, BuLba
16. TSM Timado, Bryle, SabeRLight, MoonMeander, DuBu
17. Thunder Awaken Pakazs, DarkMago, Sacred, Matthew, Pandaboo, Vintage
18. beastcoast K1, Chris Luck, Wisper, Scofield, Stinger

ESL One Stockholm

Country Representation

When it comes to Dota 2, country representation means a lot for any team as this tells us how competitive teams are there in the region. Thus, for the upcoming ESL One Stockholm 2023, the top three countries that have more than eight (8) players representing are China, the Philippines, and Peru. Here’s the full list of the country representation:

No. Country Number of Players Players’ IGN
1. China 17 Ame, BoBoKa, Chalice, Dy, Faith_bian, lou, Monet, old eLeVeN, Ori, Paparazi灬, Pyw, Somnus丶M, XinQ, Xxs, y`, 圣子华炼, 皮球
2. Philippines 11 Abed, Armel, DJ, Gabbi, Jaunuel, Karl, Kuku, Raven, skem, TIMS, Yopaj
3. Peru 10 Chris Luck, DarkMago, K1, Matthew, Pakazs, Pandaboo, Sacred, Scofield, Stinger, Timado
4. Sweden 4 Boxi, iNSaNiA, miCKe, zai
5. Canada 3 Arteezy, Bryle, MoonMeander
6. Indonesia 3 Fbz, Whitemon, Xepher
7. Malaysia 3 FelixCiaoBa, NothingToSay, xNova
8. Russia 3 dyrachYO, Misha, Nightfall
9. Czechia 2 BOOM, SabeRLight-
10. Denmark 2 Ace, Cr1t-
11. Finland 2 JerAx, MATUMBAMAN
12. Germany 2 Nine, tOfu
13. Bolivia 1 Wisper
14. Bulgaria 1 bzm
15. Israel 1 33
16. Jordan 1 ATF
17. Laos 1 JaCkky
18. Netherlands 1 Seleri
19. North Macedonia 1 Saksa
20. Norway 1 Taiga
21. Slovakia 1 Skiter
22. South Korea 1 DuBu
23. Thailand 1 Jabz
24. Ukraine 1 Yuragi
25. United States 1 Sneyking

Prize Pool Distribution

The prize pool for the upcoming ESL One Stockholm 2023 is $500,000 and 3,530 Pro Circuit points and here’s the distribution for each team:

Place USD Distribution DPC Points Team
1st Place 200,000 USD 680 TBA
2nd Place 100,000 USD 610 TBA
3rd Place 75,000 USD 530 TBA
4th Place 50,000 USD 460 TBA
5th – 6th Place 25,000 USD 385 TBA
7th – 8th Place 12,500 USD 240 TBA

Broadcast Talents


  • Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden
  • Ted “PyrionFlax” Forsyth
  • Jake “Slacks” Kanner


  • Owen “ODPixel” Davies
  • Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas
  • Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten
  • Troels “syndereN” Lyngholt Nielsen
  • Avery “SVG” Silverman
  • Michelle “Moxxi” Song
  • Kevin “Purge” Godec
  • Mira “Ephey” Riad
  • Robson “TeaGuvnor” Merritt
  • Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins
  • Dominik “Lacoste” Stipi

Top 3 Teams to Lookout For


PSG.LGD is one of the powerhouse teams based in China that is consistent in achieving great results in all tournaments. Most fans are looking forward to this team as they are of the few teams whose drafting ability is unpredictable and unmatched against other teams. They placed first in the DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division 1 and they’re hungry to win the whole tournament.


This team is one of the crowd’s favorites because of their playstyle and the young talents that they have in their team. OG has been successful in most of their recent tournaments, especially placing first in DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division, which creates momentum in their pursuit of winning the ESL One Stockholm 2023.

BOOM Esports

BOOM is the eyecatcher team in the tournament not only because of the highlights that they make every game against top-tier teams but also the number of fans supporting them across different regions. They have been spectacular all throughout their previous tournaments even though they finished 2nd place on DPC SEA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division 1, they won all their other six (6) straight tournaments. And as to how their performance lately, they have what it takes to take out other participating teams.

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