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Chompix Underground Dota League, also known as Underground Dota League is an esports event in Dota2. This tournament is organized by Chompix Gaming, a Dota2 tournament organizer in both South and North America. Carlos Osco Huaricapcha or Chompix is also a Mathematician at San Francisco State University, focusing on graph polyhedral with an advocate for equity and social justice. He is also the commentator for Chompix Underground Dota League.

Teams with incredible ability from North America and Latin American districts contend at the most elevated level without server limits in Chompix Underground Dota League. However, the event was canceled on August 18th, 2023 due to scheduling difficulties. He posted in his Twitter account @ChompixGaming that he already informed the managers of each team. He, as the organizer, has time conflict, as well as the team’s availability in the upcoming week. Hence, the cancellation of the Chompix Underground Dota League.

Chompix Underground Dota League

Game Format


  • Eight Invited Teams


  • All games are played on different servers between Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and the US. East.
  • A coin-flip will decide the server of the starting map.

Regular Season – from August 19, 2023 – August 23, 2023

  • Participating teams are separated into two groups with four teams each where they play in a round-robin configuration.
  • Group matches are played in a Best of 2
  1. A win (2-0) provides 3 points
  2. A draw (1-1) provides 1 point
  3. A loss (0-2) provides 0 points
  • Winners of the group stage will advance to the Playoffs upper section
  • Runners-up of the group stage will advance to the Playoffs lower section
  • The last two teams from each group are wiped out

Tiebreaker Rules

  • Head-to-head match results between tied teams
  • Comparative match results against each team from the top down
  • Tiebreaker games if on the dividing line (2nd/3rd)
  • Resets to the first metric if a partial tie is broken

Playoffs – from August 24th, 2023 – August 26th, 2023

  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Grand Final is Best of 5, all other matches are Best of 3


The league has a 500 USD prizepool which will be spread among the winning teams:

  • 1st Place – 400 USD
  • 2nd Place – 100 USD



This team represents Brazil, and their latest tournament was Copa Brasil 2023, which ended on July 20, 2023, where they got 2nd place.

The team consists:

  • HaDy-
  • JH
  • hyko
  • LTH
  • Beuteugeu


They’re also called Team GG and represent Brazil as their country. Their latest games were on BTS Pro Series S7, Copa Brasil 2023, Epulze Monthly August 2020, and ESL One Thailand 2020-OQ.

The team consists of:

  • Kalazard
  • Rolv
  • Sono
  • Aomine-
  • bardo

Black Ice Esports

This team represents Minneapolis, United States, and was founded in 2019. BLACK ICE is a Professional eSports Team and a Private Social Gaming Club. Black Ice has a worldwide desire to open social clubs in a few significant urban areas all through the world. Some of its members are not from the US, Mirage is from Uzbekistan, and some are from Canada. They have participated in The Function 2, Octaexon League Season 4, and Octaexon League Season 3.

The team consists of:

  • Mirage
  • Romj3k
  • dato
  • Shoe
  • UnderratedGenius

Typical NA

Also called TNA was established in 2020 representing the United States. They have played in the Aegis League, Epulze Global League S2, BTS Pro Series S4 OQ, DPC 2023 S1:NA, Octaexon League S4, and The Function 2. Team Typical NA has not taken prizes in major tournaments as of the moment.

  • Double King
  • Rusy
  • Pishtya
  • FooSquash
  • Brightside

Chompix Underground

Atwin Esports

This is a professional sports team that is based in Peru. On May 30th, they got 2nd place in the Secret Week 5 NA Tournament hosted by Team Secret. They also joined Octaexon League 4: South America Closed Qualifier.

The team consists of:

  • payk
  • Ryu
  • braco
  • Kiri
  • Luis

WAP Esports

This team represents Argentina and is a professional esports organization that was launched on June 23, 2020. Since it is located in Rosario, Sta. Fe, Argentina, its main purpose is to be the team that boosts esports in its home city. Yet, it is likewise described by its government proposition, which remembers the advancement of this arising discipline for other nation regions, aside from the capital city. They’ve played in the LVP Unity Apertura 2023, Alpha Pro 2023, and LVP Unity Clausura 2023.

  • The team consists of:
  • Rena
  • theBag
  • Tizzer
  • Nawja
  • Software

Sport Boys Esports

Another participating team in the Chompix Underground Dota League is Sport Boys Esports. They call themselves an amateur sports team. They had participated in the Stars League (SL) 2023 Season.

The team consists of:

  • Adrx
  • Migi
  • Revenant
  • Zxca
  • Thugger

APU Gaming

The last but not the least direct invite for the Chompix Underground Dota League is APU Gaming. This team is also from Peru and has participated in the OGA DPC SA S2, Epulze Monthly May 2023, and Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Season 2

The team consists of:

  • Regemind
  • Slatems
  • Arkano
  • N1ght
  • Namikaze

Group Stage

The Chompix Underground Dota League game format has divided the participants into 2 groups.

Group A:

  1. Apu Gaming
  2. Atwin
  3. SG Energy
  4. Typical NA
Group B:

  1. Black Ice eSports
  2. GodGenesis
  3. Sport Boys Esports
  4. WAP Esports


Below is the schedule of matches for the Regular Season running from August 19 to 23.

August 19:

  1. SG E VS. Typical
  2. SG E VS. Atwin
  3. APU VS. Atwin
August 20:

  1. GodG VS. BlkIce
  2. GodG VS. S.B.A
  3. WAP VS. S.B.A
August 21:

  1. SG E VS. APU
  2. Typical VS. APU
  3. Typical VS. Atwin
August 22:

  1. GodG VS. WAP
  2. BlkIce VS. WAP
  3. BlkIce VS. S.B.A


Although Chompix Underground Dota League has been canceled, Chompix still believes that all of the eight teams he had invited have high chances to qualify for the forthcoming other tournaments. And this is true because most of the teams are rookies, but they are still actively participating in other Dota 2 tournaments.

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