Dota 2 Cheats Commands 

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At first glance, you may think this is an updated guide on cheating and getting advantages in-game to pick up more wins, but this is not the case in Dota 2. Dota 2 cheats commands act as a quick way of learning what is new in the game on an accelerated timescale. Also, these cheat commands can only be turned on in practice mode, which is a custom lobby against bots. In this custom lobby, you set up the full parameters for the players.

dota 2 cheats

Enabling Dota 2 Cheat Commands

Before just jumping into a lobby, you need to ensure you have enabled the Dota 2 cheats commands, and this is exactly how to do so. Head to your setting and hit the checkbox. Alternatively, you can enter the command ‘sv_cheats 1’ in the console, and then you will be ready to start playing with the Dota 2 cheats activated.

Please ensure that you only ever use Valve-approved commands and not third-party commands or software. Using third-party cheats will put you at risk of getting banned from the game.

Dota 2 Cheats Commands

Below you can find a list of legitimate commands that are safe to use. You can use these commands in the chat, and they also have a console command equivalent. The majority of these are usable after the host has enabled ‘sv_cheats’.

Chat command Equivalent console command Effect
-lvlup # dota_dev hero_level # Increases the level of the user’s hero by #. Cannot take away levels.
-levelbots # dota_bot_give_level # Increases the level of all bots’ heroes by #. Cannot take away levels.
-lvlmax or


dota_dev hero_maxlevel Levels the user’s hero and all their abilities to the max.
-gold # dota_dev player_givegold # Grants the user # unreliable gold. Using negative numbers takes away gold.
-item <name> dota_create_item <name> Gives the user’s primary hero the named item.
-givebots <name> dota_bot_give_item <name> Gives all bots’ primary heroes the named item.
-refresh dota_dev hero_refresh Replenishes all heroes’ and illusions’ (own, allied, and enemy) health and mana to the full and refreshes their ability and item cooldowns. It also resets the cooldowns of

Glyph of Fortification and Scan. Does not affect the Buyback cooldown.

-respawn dota_dev hero_respawn Forces the user’s hero to respawn. It also works while the hero is alive, moving them to the team fountain, replenishing health and mana.
-startgame dota_dev forcegamestart Forces the match to start immediately, skipping the prepare phase. Using this command after the match starts has no effect.
-spawncreeps dota_spawn_creeps Instantly spawns lane creeps on each lane for both teams.
-spawnneutrals dota_spawn_neutrals Instantly spawns neutral creeps at each camp. Does not spawn when other neutral creeps are within the spawn area but ignore other units.


dota_creeps_no_spawning 1/0 Disables lane and neutral creep spawning (except Roshan).

Enables lane and neutral creep spawning.

-spawnrune dota_spawn_rune Spawns runes at all rune spots; Bounty runes and Power-up runes.
-killwards dota_dev killwards Destroys all placed Sentry Wards and Observer Wards.
-clearwards dota_clear_wards Destroys all placed Observer Wards.
-createhero <name>

-createhero <name> neutral

-createhero <name> enemy

dota_create_unit <name>

dota_create_unit <name> neutral

dota_create_unit <name> enemy

Creates the named unit or hero as an ally, neutral, or enemy. The unit spawns where the user’s mouse courser is pointing. Can spawn any unit (even Roshan, but without Aegis, Cheese, Refresher Shard, and Aghanin’s Blessing), not only heroes.

Neutral heroes cannot be created. Attempting to do so spawns them as Radiant heroes without a slot aligned for them.

Spawning buildings this way always appear at the map center and are always invulnerable. Some spawned summons may not have their abilities.

-dumpbots dota_bot_dump_state Displays AI status.


dota_ability_debug 1/0 Disables mana cost and cooldown of abilities and items and applies the same effects as -refresh

Enables mana cost and cooldown of abilities and items.



dota_all_vision 1/0




Enables shared vision between Radiant and Dire.

Disables shared vision between the teams.

-teleport dota_dev hero_teleport Teleports the selected hero to the current cursor location.
-trees dota_treerespawn Respawns all trees on the map, taking tree spawn blocking into account.
-win dota_win Instantly destroys the enemy’s Ancient.
-gottagofast dota_gotta_go_fast Sets hero level to the maximum and fills the inventory with Sange and Yasha, Drum of Endurance, Blink Dagger, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Silver Edge, and Boots of Travel 2.
-rapgod dota_rap_god Sets hero level to the maximum and fills the inventory with 3 Divine Rapiers, Daedalus, Heart of Tarrasque, and Boots of Travel 2.
-hurtmebad dota_hero_nearlethaldamage Reduces the hero’s current health to 1. Does not trigger any on-damage events.
-suicide dota_hero_suicide Instantly kills the hero. The death does not trigger any on-death events and ignores Reincarnation.
-takeherophotos dota_takephotos Unknown.
-killcreeps radiant/dire/neutral/all dota_kill_creeps radiant/dire/neutral/all Instantly kills radiant/dire/neutral/all creeps. Does not trigger any on-death events.

The above are the core and general Dota 2 cheats that you should keep on hand and get familiar with using. There are a lot of in-depth commands and ranges of codes that you can use in the Dota 2 cheats commands. We recommend getting to grips with those mentioned above, and then you can move onto the more specific commands such as; Item Cheats, Upgraded Items, Heroes.

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  • March 27, 2021 / Updated: 20 Jul 2021

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