Dota 2 Combos You Need To Know

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When it comes to improving at a game, there are always more niche elements that need to be taken on board and built upon. Dota 2 combos are one of the best ways to improve not only your in-game experience and performance but practicing these combos with friends and teammates can be a fantastic way to develop chemistry and cohesion in-game.

The Best Dota 2 Combos

Welcome to a rather informative piece, just hitting you with the hero combinations to use, including their specific lane and the main strength that comes with the combinations. Please note that there are both dual and triple lane combinations, and we will cover them all.

Dual Lane Combos Dota 2

We’ll start with what is likely deemed the less complicated option, and that’s the dual lane combinations as it involves two players instead of three. Below you will find some of the best options in Dota 2.

Crystal Maiden & Juggernaut

A combination taking place in safelane and is arguably one of the most famous Dota 2 combos ever. It features a hard carry and hard support, which helps to create some great synergies with good defensive options as well as the opportunity to have penetrating offensive moves.

Shadow Shaman & Ursa

We are looking at another safelane combination, and the main strength here is to shackle the enemy, and then Ursa’s attack damage will rapidly increase. It’s not only one of the easier combos to use, and it is one of the most effective.

Witch Doctor & Juggernaut

Juggernaut features again in another safelane combination that is considerably harder than the last but still has great efficiency and is deemed to be slightly more enjoyable. This is largely because it can be harder to hit stuns with Witch Doctor, but if you can manage to master this element and can hit the enemy regularly with jumping stuns, it will provide an insanely good damage increase.

Undying & Weaver

He is our first offlane combination, and again, it’s regarded as one of the more difficult combinations to use, but a result of this is that it’s more enjoyable to use when you get it down and still offers good efficiency. The Undying & Weaver Dota 2 combos can create a lot of trouble on the map for the enemies. If you can combine Tombstone and Swarm at the same time, it will be damaging and creates easy farming opportunities.

Undying & Slark

Here is our last dual combo that we recommend taking a look into. This is a more unique combo as it can be used either offlane or on split lanes. What this combination allows you to do is steal all the stats of the enemy. If you manage to hit with Decay three times, and slark is attacking, the enemy will lose a considerable amount of strength and become an easy target.

Tri Lane Combos Dota 2

Moving onto combinations that require three heroes, so three players, here are a few of the most effective and fun tri-lane combinations available in Dota 2.

Disruptor, Tusker & Slardar

We are back in the safelane, with an incredibly effective and fun but considerably difficult combination to pull off. You can send a hero back with Disruptor, and this allows the party to start. Tuskar will cage the enemy, and then Slardar has the opportunity to hit them with deadly bashes continually. The next step here is once the enemy is trying to escape, Tuskar has the opportunity to snowball, and Slardar can stun.

Huskar, Dazzle & Lion

Whilst not quite as fun and effective as the previous tri lane combo, this is still a great option to consider. This is essentially deemed an all-in investment towards Huskar. So how it works is each hit from Huskar is hurting enemies a lot, and then Lion comes in with stuns and hexes to prolong the sun. Then it’s all on Dazzle to heal up Huskar before he dies from damage, and then Huskar can take higher risks that could swing the game in your favor.

Weaver, Abbadon & Sky

Here is the final Dota 2 tri lane combination that we will suggest, and it’s another for the offlane. It’s both effective, difficult and offers a decent level of enjoyment when it works successfully. It may be deemed as a multifunctional team, which is a good thing. This is because it offers a mix of melee impacts on top of range damage. It’s commonly known for being incredibly annoying to play against.

Honorable Mentions Dota 2 Combos

We’ve covered some of the best dual and tri lanes options you have to take on board and try to master, but it’s always worth providing some slightly alternative options to attempt to master as well.

Dazzle & Huskar

They are mentioned above in a tri-lane set up with Lion, but Dazzle and Huskar can pull off some pretty impressive moves as a duo as well. It’s actually an iconic duo in Dota 2 that is known for having the potential to hard carry games and tilt the opponents. The main strength here is the combined damage that they can hand out to enemies.

The most unique element is Dazzle’s Grave. This ability allows Huskar to stay on really low HP (Health Points) for a considerable amount of time and do as much damage as physically possible. It goes without saying that this does require a high level of cohesion and chemistry to execute well, and both parties need to understand what they’re doing clearly.

Lifestealer & Spirit Breaker

This dual combo on Dota 2 is commonly referred to as “The Taxi” and can be like hitting a truck for opponents. The combination works by Lifestealer infesting Spirit Breaker and then charging at a target. Once the chance has hit, Lifestealer gets out of Spirit Breaker and spams the right-click on the enemy until it’s dead. This is an easy to learn, fast, and powerful combo, and it’s without a doubt worth adding to your arsenal.

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  • March 29, 2021 / Updated: 12 Dec 2022

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