PGL Arlington Major 2023: Overview

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If Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is having a promising 2023, especially with its upcoming tournaments and events, Dota 2 also does not disappoint. With the upcoming PGL Arlington Major, fans and game enthusiasts worldwide will witness another Dota 2 Major.

The said event is the last and the most awaited Major before The International 2023 as fans are thrilled and looking forward to which of the participating teams will win and most likely the team to be dominant in the upcoming TI.

As the PGL Arlington Major will commence on August 04, 2023, some participating teams are not in great shape as some of its members could not secure US visas due to unforeseen circumstances. With this, here are the things you need to know more about PGL Arlington Major 2023:

Things You Need to Know More About PGL Arlington Major

Tournament Venue

PGL Alington Major is the last Dota 2 Major of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) series before The International 2023 in Singapore. And as the event is sponsored by Sony INZONE and GG.BET will take place at Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA.

And as of 2023, OpTic Gaming is in charge of Esports Stadium Arlington, the biggest turnkey esports venue in North America. With 100,000 square feet of flexible arena layout, a completely operational RGB stage, 90-foot LED displays, theatrical lighting and audio, secure technology systems created for competitive LAN environments, with multiple high-performance internet service providers, and access to adjacent expo hall space for festivals and related activations, the venue is a flexible space for large spectator gaming events.

PGL Arlington Major 2023

Tournament Format


  • The tournament will be composed of eighteen (18) teams, which are:
    • Chinese and Western European teams, each having four teams.
    • Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, each having three teams.
    • South and North America, each having two teams.

Group Stage – August 4 to 8, 2023

  • There will be two groups with nine (9) teams each
  • The group stage will be played through a single round-robin
  • All matches will be played through the Best-of-2 series.
  • The top four teams from each group will advance to the playoffs’ upper bracket.
  • Each group’s fifth and sixth-place teams will proceed to the lower round of the playoffs.
  • Teams in contention are eliminated.

Playoffs – August 9 to 14, 2023

  • The Playoffs will be played through a double-elimination bracket, meaning those in the upper bracket will have the chance to redeem their team by winning against other teams in the lower bracket.
  • All matches will be played through the Best-of-3 series.
  • And the Grand Final match will be played through the Best-of-5 series.

Prize Pool

PGL Arlington Major will have a total of 500,000 USD for the prize pool and 4,570 Pro Circuit points, and these will be distributed among these teams:

Place USD Distribution DPC Points Team
1st Place 200,000 USD 820 TBA
2nd Place 100,000 USD 740 TBA
3rd Place 75,000 USD 670 TBA
4th Place 50,000 USD 590 TBA
5th – 6th Place 25,000 USD 515 TBA
7th – 8th Place 12,500 USD 360 TBA
9th – 12th Place TBA
13th – 14th Place TBA
15th – 16th Place TBA
17th – 18th Place TBA

Participating Teams

The participating teams for the upcoming PGL Arlington Major are considered as one of the “stacked” in the history of Dota 2 as most of them have it takes to win the tournament. However, only Xtreme Gaming was the only team that withdrew because they could not acquire visas. More so, here is the list of the teams, their current roster, and the region they are representing:

No. Team Players Region
1 Tundra Esports skiter, Nine, 33, Saksa, Sneyking, Aui_2000 WEU
2 Team Liquid MATUMBAMAN, miCKe, zai, Boxi, iNSaNiA, Blitz WEU
3 OG Yuragi, bzm, ATF, Taiga, Misha, Chuvash WEU
4 Entity SabeRLight-, Stormstormer, Tobi, Kataomi, Fishman, MeTTpuM WEU
5 Outsiders RAMZES666, gpk, DM, yamich, Xakoda EEU
6 Natus Vincere V-Tune, No[o]ne-, laise, swedenstrong, Solo EEU
7 Team Spirit Yatoro, TORONTOTOKYO, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka, Silent EEU
8 RNG ana, Somnus, Chalice, kaka, xNova, Super China
9 Team Aster Monet, Ori, Xxs, BoBoKa, 皮球, LaNm, China
10 PSG.LGD 萧瑟, NothingToSay, Faith_bian, XinQ, y`, xiao8 China
11 BOOM Esports JaCkky, Yopaj, Fbz, TIMS, skem, Mushi SEA
12 Talon Esports 23savage, Mikoto, kpii, Xepher, Hyde, Forev SEA
13 Fnatic TBD, TBD, TBD, Jabz, Dj, SunBhie SEA
14 Evil Genuises Arteezy, Abed, Nightfall, Cr1t-, Fly, BuLba NA
15 Quincy Crew YawaR, Quinn, LESLAO, MSS, Fata NA
16 Thunder Awaken Pakazs, TBD, Sacred, Matthew, Pandaboo, Vintage SA
17 beastcoast k1, Chris Luck, Wisper, Scofield, Stinger, Accel SA

PGL Arlington Major 2023 Overview


The Group Stages, Bracket A and B, will commence on August 4th to 8th of 2023, and the upcoming matches will be the ff:

August 4, 2023,

Time August 4-A Time August 4-B
23:00 PHT Quincy Crew vs Liquid
23:00 PHT Outsiders vs RNG
23:00 PHT Fnatic vs OG
23:00 PHT PSG.LGD vs Talon

August 5, 2023

Time August 5-A Time August 5-B
03:00 PHT Liquid vs OG 01:00 PHT Evil Genuises vs Aster
03:00 PHT Fnatic vs Outsiders 01:00 PHT BOOM Esports vs Tundra Esports
03:00 PHT Talon vs Thunder Awaken 01:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs Entity
03:00 PHT RNG vs Quincy Crew 01:00 PHT Team Spirit vs beastcoast
23:00 PHT PSG.LGD vs OG 05:00 PHT Aster vs Entity
23:00 PHT Fnatic vs RNG 05:00 PHT EG vs BOOM
23:00 PHT Outsiders vs Talon 05:00 PHT Team Spirit vs Tundra
23:00 PHT Thunders Awaken vs QC 05:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs beastcoast
23:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs Aster

August 6, 2023,

Time August 6-A Time August 6-B
03:00 PHT Quincy Crew vs Talon 01:00 PHT EG vs Team Spirit
03:00 PHT Team Liquid vs Outsiders 01:00 PHT Tundra vs Entity
03:00 PHT Thunder Awaken vs RNG 01:00 PHT BOOM vs beastcoast
03:00 PHT Fnatic vs PSG.LGD 05:00 PHT Aster vs Team Spirit
23:00 PHT RNG vs Talon 05:00 PHT BOOM vs Entity
23:00 PHT Fnatic vs Thunder Awaken 05:00 PHT EG vs beastcoast
23:00 PHT Liquid vs PSG.LGD 05:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs Tundra
23:00 PHT OG vs Quincy Crew

August 7, 2023

Time August 7-A Time August 7-B
03:00 PHT OG vs RNG 01:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs BOOM
03:00 PHT Otsd vs Thunder Awaken 01:00 PHT Aster vs beastcoast
03:00 PHT PSG.LGD vs Quincy Crew 01:00 PHT Team Spirit vs Entity
03:00 PHT Liquid vs Fnatic 01:00 PHT EG vs Tundra
23:00 PHT Talon vs Liquid 05:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs EG
23:00 PHT OG vs Thunder Awaken 05:00 PHT beastcoast vs Entity
23:00 PHT PSG.LGD vs Otsd 05:00 PHT Aster vs Tundra
23:00 PHT Quincy Crew vs Fnatic 05:00 PHT Team Spirit vs BOOM

August 8, 2023

Time August 8-A Time August 8-B
03:00 PHT Thunder Awaken vs Liquid 01:00 PHT EG vs Entity
03:00 PHT OG vs Outsiders 01:00 PHT Natus Vincere vs Team Spirit
03:00 PHT Fnatic vs Talon 01:00 PHT beastcoast vs Tundra
03:00 PHT RNG vs PSG.LGD 01:00 PHT Aster vs BOOM
23:00 PHT Quincy Crew vs Outsiders
23:00 PHT RNG vs Liquid
23:00 PHT Talon vs OG
23:00 PHT TA vs PSG.LGD

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