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Short Summary

If you are passionate about Dota 2 and are interested in getting new skins, betting items, or buying cosmetics, then Dota2Expert is a good choice for you. The website is specialized in Dota 2 skins. It is very simple and focuses only on what truly matters: bets and games.

On Dota2Expert, you find a decent selection of items to choose from and can make gambles through their casino-game modes. Even though it is a modest website, prices are very good, and chances to win cool skins are quite high. Dota2Expert legal safety is guaranteed thanks to their use of the RandomOrg system to determine wins, rules are very clear, and the customer support is always ready to answer your questions. In our review, we deal with every aspect in depth.


Bonuses and promotions2 / 5
Games offered4 / 5
Deposit and withdrawal options2 / 5
Customer support4 / 5
Security5 / 5
Overall3.4 / 5


The Dota2Expert betting website is specialized in offering a Dota 2 roulette, featuring three main games modes and a casino game. The way the system works is simple.

  • Transfer the items you want to gamble to the site’s bot via Steam, this way, placing a bet.
  • Each skin has a cost, which you can check on the Inventory. Such cost is converted into tickets, following more or less this scheme: for $0.01 of the skin’s cost, you get  10 tickets, for $6.63, 5000 tickets, and so on. You can check the amount of tickets you have near your bet, or above your avatar, depending on the game mode you are playing.
  • When it’s time to choose a winner, the system collects all the tickets from the participant bettors and transfers this value to the random generator, which selects only one ticket. The player whose ticket coincides with the number selected randomly is the winner.

The winner gets all the items wagered. Of course, the greater the number of skins and so of tickets you have, the more your chances of winning it all. Keep in mind that every game is charged with a fee of 10% that goes to the Dota2Expert site.

Dota2Expert main page

Bonuses, Dota2Expert Code, And Promotions

The site doesn’t have any extravagant bonus or promotion in-store. Still, a few options are to be outlined.

  • Change your nickname. The website is linked to your Steam account. If you change your Steam nickname and add “DOTA2EXPERT” to it, you get a bonus of +2% to your next prize. Remember the fee we mentioned earlier? With this change in the nickname, you also gain an additional, permanent advantage: only a 5% fee instead of 10.
  • Get invited or invite yourself. If some friends give you a Dota2Expert promo code, i.e., if someone invites you to join the platform, then you’ll receive on your account $0.27 (only if your Steam account is level 7 or higher).

You can also invite some people. For every 2 players that register and win on the website through your referral code, you are given +5% of the commission on every game, up to a total of 25%.

Special Features

We said that Dota2Expert doesn’t spend much time on frivolous features and instead totally focuses on roulettes and skins. Nonetheless, there are a couple of simple, interesting aspects that are worth being analyzed.

  • Chat. If you want to connect with other fellow bettors, share your opinion, important info or just talk to those you are playing against, then the chat is the perfect place to do so. To participate, you need to be registered, and the great thing is that you can chat in pretty much whatever language you prefer, including English, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish and many more.
  • Games history. Dota2Expert cares about transparency, so they have a specific page on their website where you can check all recent games for each mode.
  • Top players. Play, win, and end up in the ladder of the bettors with the best score in the entire website. You can see it on under the dedicated section.

Games Offered

As already anticipated, there are three main game modes and a minigame. The way these are played was explained in general terms above; however, they all differ in some aspects which we now analyze.

  • Standard game. It’s the most popular of all. The minimum bet allowed is $1.33, and you can put a maximum of 15 items in the roulette bank each round.
  • Low game. More or less the same as the standard one, with the difference that now $1.33 is the maximum bet, the minimum being $0.01. Max, 10 items in the bank allowed.
  • Fast. This mode is played among 3 players in 3 rounds. The bet amounts go from $0.66 to $10.62, and it is possible to deposit from 3 to 10 items.
  • Coin Flip. The classic casino-type game you find on most Dota 2 skin betting sites, it is purely a matter of fate and luck. Here you can choose to either create a game with your own criteria or select one from the list the site gives you.

Location And Age Restrictions

The website provides all users with their updated Terms and Conditions, but these do not explain in detail the topic of geographical or age limitations.

Being a betting website, it is clear, nonetheless, that no people under 18 years old (or the age considered legal in your country of residence) can register on Dota2Expert.

About the location, there are some countries that specifically prohibit gambling activities. We suggest you contact the website directly to ask for more information on the matter or check your country’s laws on the matter of online betting.

Dota2Expert store

Sign Up

The Dota2Expert registration process is truly a piece of taking. It takes less than a minute. Simply head over to You’ll see a “Login with Steam” button on the right side of the main page. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Steam community website. From there, enter your Steam credentials, accept the Conditions and log in. You’re done! Remember to set your account to Public, and you are ready to start winning some skins.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

In this regard, the website fails to deliver a little bit, but it’s totally understandable and actually not a big deal. The point is that it only accepts a few payment methods, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as skins, of course. In spite of this disadvantage, trading times are relatively quick, and you can receive your winnings pretty fast. No withdrawal of money is permitted, only items.

Privacy And Security

Perhaps the most important part of our Dota2Expert review. For a positive betting experience, it is fundamental that you rely on a trustworthy site. And the one we are reviewing definitely works hard in delivering the best, safe service possible.

All of the outcomes of the games are 100% randomly generated thanks to a generator in no way affiliated with them. They have a RandomOrg license and care a lot about this fact, dedicating a full page on their website to explain in detail how such a system works. Also, everyone can double-check the results by clicking on the “Verify” button at the end of the games.

Finally, there is also a section titled “Account Protection” that advises all people on how scams and fraudulent actions against you may happen, how to recognize them in advance, and how to defend yourself.

Customer Support

The customer support is great, given the fact that the website isn’t that big. They typically respond in max 12 hours, and you can contact them either via the contact email they provide on the website (“Contacts”) or through a ticket system. In addition to these options, you can also browse their social media accounts and eventually ask a question there. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and ready to assist you with whatever problem you might encounter.

Dota2Expert support

Final Verdict

Dota2Expert, despite being a relatively small Dota 2 betting website, proved itself worth it and is to be considered a safe and reliable option for everything related to Dota 2 skins. Even though some aspects could be improved, such as the amount of payment methods supported, the other characteristics are very positive: a good variety of fun games, a wide choice of cosmetics, reliable support, and an amazing work towards the protection of users and their data.

As soon as this Dota 2 betting site grows a bit more, we are sure we are going to see some more bonuses and special promotions which will rank it a bit higher, but for now, the website is still making its first steps and, for now, we are more than surprised with the result.



Is Dota2Expert Legit?

Yes, the site is 100% legit. Dota2Expert is good at ensuring its customers’ safety: random generated outcomes, protection of their accounts, communication with the community are some of the aspects that show how the Dota 2 website cares about their users. There are also a lot of positive Dota2Expert reviews online that confirm these facts.

Is There A Dota2Expert App?

No, there isn’t, but you can use the service through a smartphone or tablet by using your device’s browser and visiting from there.

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